How Acceset Works

An anonymous site to vent your worries

Our Community

We've been through adversity. And we share an interest to contribute our story or time to support one another, anonymously.



Share your adversity and journey without giving away who you are. You are not alone.



Connect with and support individuals who shares similar adversity experiences. At your own time.



Share your professional insights and serve users who are prepared for professional intervention.

About Acceset

"Air-ce-set"? Actually it’s pronounced as "asset". It combines the word 'accept' and 'reset' and reflects our vision to empower users to accept care and reset lives.

Seeking help is tough. Friends and family are not always the best option. Therapy is out of reach. And we need support. Or at least understand our own experiences. This is what our site does. A blog dedicated to adversity issues and a platform to share problems and get support. Together, we can improve the access to care for those who need them most!

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