About Us


About Us

Acceset's Roots

Acceset, in its infancy, is an idea adapted from Audible Hearts , which ceased operation in 2016.

The special project, as how Audible Hearts had been referred to, created opportunities to raise ground-up awareness to students about a safe space to share one's concerns without having to reveal one's identity.

On a mission to fight the stigma about mental health

Some issues today are still not things that we are proud to talk about, despite campaigns and high-power figures encouraging us to talk about our problems. For it is easier to speak about problems from a position of privilege than to do so as an ordinary person. Empowering all individuals to share their world and connect with others with similar experiences is how we intend to build communities and knowledge about mental health, raise awareness and fight stigma.

This mission to create a safe space for heart-to- heart conversation between strangers with similar experiences aims to raise the overall well-being of everyone involved at Acceset. It fulfils our vision, which is ascribed in the company's name. "Acceset" combines the word "accept" and "reset" to reflect the vision of empowering individuals to accept care and reset lives. This vision informs our mission to improve access to care to those who need them and to develop resilient individuals and societies in the process.

The point of our existence is make help seeking easy and optimize the search and allocation of resources to people who need them. On our own, it can take 6-10 years before we decide to seek help, due to the sheer difficulty of the process. With a smart technology, we aim to cut that process down to 30 days.

What is Acceset

More than just simple landing page, a form and a dashboard, we build from scratch a messaging architecture that optimize the process of communication between various groups of strangers on personal and mental health issues. We have Social Media for entertainment and status updates. We have telegram and whatsapp for connecting with friends. But these tools are not optimized for communication of our negative experiences and troubles. We are the "whatsapp" when it comes to talking about personal problems, and on top of that, we are also a directory that pulls together NGOs and professionals and a platform for on-the- go skills-based volunteering.

Founder's story

Growing up, I struggled to understand the impact of schizophrenia on my mum's well-being and my life. She had the condition since I was 7. I later found out that stress at work, and the lack of emotion support platform in the 90s, contributed significantly to the development of her schizophrenia. Conversations about my mum can be very difficult and deeply emotional, and I tend to avoid those topics as I do not know how to deal with these emotions. Deep down, I yearn for the kind of adulting talks that parents have with children. I believed that I am not alone in having to deal with adversity at an early age, and I can do better than to just give up in life. My experience with childhood adversity and Audible Hearts eventually led me to start the Acceset enterprise.