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We are a social enterprise aiming to improve mental health support for millenials in SIngapore through our digital letter writing platform, training programs, and digital analysis.

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Letter Writing Platform

Are you looking for a non-judgmental listening ear?

Watch the video to find out how it works!

Write an anonymous letter to trained peer befrienders and counsellors

Training Programs Our set of training programs equip millenials with digital peer support skills and train volunteers to become Acceset befrienders.

Accept Care

  • Conducted digitally on Telegram with an engaging mix of videos, infographics and text
  • Asynchronous learning

Reset Lives

  • Follow-up Acceset Care
  • Conducted face to face
  • 3-4 hours

Workshop Outline

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Workshop Outline

Data Analysis We empower organization to enhance the care they show to their people with customized surveys which deliver key insights on unmet needs and unfilled gaps.

Past areas of data collection:

  • 1. Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACE)
  • 2. Personal experience with frauma
  • 3. Exposure to second-hand frauma
  • 4. Help-seeking attitudes and behavior
  • 5. Mental health awareness

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What makes us different? Talk to us without worrying about your privacy: We teach and practise digital empathy to be better listeners in the 21st century.

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